Comfort Middle School

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Research & Databases

*A username/password are not necessary if accessing the databases while on a CISD campus.

**Ask the library staff for our district usernames and passwords for these databases if you plan to access the databases from an off-campus location.

Includes encyclopedia articles, images, and videos arranged in elementary, middle, and high school leveled online encyclopedias, as well as Britannica Escolar.
Articles from magazines, newspapers, academic journals, and reference books, as well as videos, images, and audio files in resources targeting elementary, middle, and high school. Full-text nonfiction eBooks and magazines for K-8; Reference Ebooks for secondary.
EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system offering a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers.
 EBSCO provides 5 different collections of downloadable eBooks that can also be read online.
Includes 4 collections of non-fiction eBooks for K-8.
Informs K-8 students with vetted, age-appropriate articles, books, maps, multimedia, images and issues that align to core subjects. 
     is a K–12 resource connecting cross curricular literacy materials to the titles used in classrooms and libraries, including resources to support ELL students and STEAM instruction.