Comfort Middle School

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Gifted and Talented Nominations

CMS is now accepting Gifted and Talented nominations from parents or community members.  CMS recognizes students giftedness in the areas of academics.  If there is a student that you feel you meets the criteria of a GT student and you would like to nominate them,  contact Beverly Lauderdale at or call 830-995-6420.  Nominations close April 15, 2016. 


GT attributes:

-displays independence and exhibits self-sufficiency

-formulates superior abstractions

-displays keen and unique sense of humor

-demonstrates intellectual curiosity; demonstrates stronger need to know

-responds positively to being challenged by intellectual and creative tasks

-reads widely and intensively with an advanced level of language development

-comprehends advanced ideas, concepts, better at sensing discrepancies, recognizes implications

-acquires basic skills and knowledge rapidly

-perceives more unusual relationships and displays unusual sensitivity to expectations and feelings of others