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Steve Chrisman » about 6th grade science

about 6th grade science

Welcome to 6th grade science, Fall Semester. Your sixth grade year is very important. It is the basis for the rest of your education. The reputations that you build will be with you for a long time. Be ready to work , but also have fun.

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We will start the year with lab safety and an introduction to many of the different types of science. We will build projects that are to keep an egg from breaking when dropped from the second floor of the technology building. This is to study the scientific method, law of gravity, laws of motion and adaptation. We will be working on structures to hold their science books 2 inches above the table. The building material will be uncooked spaghetti or tooth picks, and hot glue.

In the second semester we will start with Rocks and Minerals then we will go to Plate Tectonics. Most of the semester will be studying the Earth Sciences.

All test and assignments will be based on the idea of being successful on the STARR test in the following years.

All students will be notified at least 3-4 days in advance of a chapter test.

We want to, through out the year, show how science effects our daily lives.

Students will be expected to complete and turn in work on the days that the work is due. We will try and institute a higher level of responsibility. Students will need to have the materials that will allow them to complete work in class. They need to bring paper, pencils, books, etc. Do not count on other students to supply them with things that you will need.

We will study Physicaly Science, Life Science, and Earth Science.

Comfort Middle School will provide differentiated instruction
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